El Verger-Kitesurfers Revisited


Had a lovely Sunday in Vergel-and a chance to get more kite and Windsurf action photography. The great thing about photographing sportsmen (like rock concerts)is they usually come up to you afterwards to find out how the shot´s came out. I had photographed this guy on an earlier ocassion but this time round we got chatting-i found out his name was Toni. This guy (as were several others) are real experts at this sport-they make it look so effortless-effortless control of quite a new watersport, almost like an ariel ballet, doing their 10 meter wave jumps –parascending meets surfing! (i think the guy was a surfer originally).

On this stretch of beach were about 20-30 Kite surfers and a few lonely looking windsurfers.

I really like this Sport/Action photography. My only regret was a friend of mine did a charity parascending jump in the mountains-i was supposed to cover it but hey, can´t be in two places at the same time-anyway i sponsored her and paid upfront for it but i´ll have some serious explaining to do when i see her next!

Daughter and her dog take priority anyway- they were much happier splashing about than climbing mountains, anyway!

Kitesurf                   Windsurf

Kitesurf          Alegria     


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