A Little Bit Of Reworking

Dream scene

It´s my daughter´s first communion this Sunday so it´s fallen to me to man the shop while my wife rushes around hectically trying to keep on top of all the arrangements that have to be made and all the while looking after the in-laws that have just arrived from Germany (my mother-in-law took a tumble last night-so doctor´s surgery this morning-nothing too serious luckily). As the only non-Catholic member of our family my only involvement in all these shennanagens is attending the event and taking pictures of the event-hence the shop assistant role i have for this week! There´s not too much happening here to day so some rework of something i took about a year ago seemed like a less boring option than mopping the floor or cleaning Silver. This image  was of  a red dawn which i added a blue adjustment layer to in Elements.

6 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Reworking

  1. Hi Adrian – I very much like what you’ve done with this image – its simply very beautiful, my friend! Getting in touch with your arty side, are you? You haven’t taken to wearing a smock and a floppy hat have you … 🙂

    I certainly go along in abundance with your use of “shennanagens” but we’re all different – that’s one thing that blogging has taught me >>> in abundance!!! (Another) Adrian

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