The Book-Some Study Time

The Book

I´m the only non-Catholic in my famiIy, i understand now, why so many people hitched a lift on the Mayflower all those years ago-i  wish Sophie would spend as much time on proper education rather than reading this book, but hey everyone got to do their own thing-right? Here in Spain, when the church bells ring for Mass- the ladies dress up and go to church- the men dress down and go to the bar-when the ladies come out of the church, they head to the bar to play Bingo- the men head to the next village-and go to the Bar!

The Communion.

An hour and a half of priestly sermon, lots of Amens (or was that Enemas-can´t quite remember). The only good thing you can say about all this communion malarkey is, my daughter got a whole wad of money from the family- relieving me of that duty and i got the chance to wear a really sharp suit and host the banquet for all the good friends and family-it went on late into the night- the kids had a whale of a time running around the restaurant upsetting all the aged German customers-which was great because normally it´s us grown-ups that get to do that job. The old German farts complained – Paco,the owner  said:  “in Spain we love our kids-they make us feel young- so we let ´em play”-the German farts left-we remained to the early hours-so who´s laughing now! I think my great blogging friend Andrew Petcher might appreciate this little story.

I´m not going to put any camera details today, because i think the picture speaks for itself!

3 thoughts on “The Book-Some Study Time

  1. Adrian, I’m right with you on the your thoughts about religion, communion and so on – enemas is right! Also love the bit about the men going to the bar in the next village!

    But, also, beautiful portrait, wonderful quality, one to be proud of! Good stuff, man! Adrian

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