The Moon-Happy Face

Moon copy

A rather nice Moon last night, taken from the roof terrace, i´m not quite sure why i framed this-i seem to be in a framing mood lately-i´ll probably grow out of it!

We´re heading off to Frankfurt early tommorrow morning for a family wedding-but a great opportunity to get some Rhine shots-in between the times i´m not photographing the celebrations-luckily my lovely niece has opted for the Registry office-after last weeks communion ,i´m fed up with churches-good girl Melanie!

The weather there is predicted to be cold and wet (surprise,surprise at this time of the year) so i´m feverishly trying to come up with some sort of logic to describe whatever photographs i do take-perhaps: ”The Frankfurt Rain Project” would be a good title!

The Rhine as anyone knows that has been there is a very interesting location for photography-especially at night and the Rheingau with all those medieval castles and Ausflugs Lokales will be well appreciated by me-sampling the local Reisling is a passion of mine or should that be “Mein”-i´m definately gonna have some fun and enjoy my holiday! I will miss those Moons in the sky at night-but hey, the best bit of going away from something you know, is the coming back!

So, eight days from now, i hope i have some new material for the blog that will keep me going at least for a couple of weeks-see  ya ´ll when i´m back  🙂


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