The Reception-Germany

First dance

Been a few weeks since i last posted-i´ve been in Germany-not least covering a wedding reception. This took place in a beautiful place on the Rheingau. It is surrounded by it´s own vinyard´s called Trenz you can see ithere:It has genuinely  friendly ambience and the staff are great. I got talking to the manager a very amiable and accomodating guy-only too willing help

The food is 5-star the staff there from the chef up thru up the hierachy-all were proffesional,friendly,receptive people with no airs and Graces-in Spanish: ( gente simpatico)!

The official photographers would´nt do, or were not cotracted to do the reception-so it fell to me. A pretty technically challenging job this one, as it was all lowlight but ambient light which i wanted to preserve as much as possible – so no flash was used here.

The 5D does a very decent job of lowlight photography with it´s ISO 6400 it´s possible to get decent enough photographs, this one´s  handhed – the lens was a Tamron 28-75mm ISO-6400 a little bit of fine tuning with : Elements 10 and Lightroom 4

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