This Is Still A Photography Blog, But……….

Morning Haze

Yesterday as i was being discharged from hospital, i was told told by the Oncologist i am living with Cancer-would never have guessed it!

Well it´s been ages-since i  posted anything-so here´s something from our early morning walk just outside the village this morning-i´ve never in all the years that i´ve lived here seen this lane looking quite like this before-perhaps recent events as mentioned before has influenced the way i compose the scene in front my camera! Strangely enough i now have more time for photography than before -photography now gives me a reference point and a focus to a point in an unknown and uncertain future- it is now more important to me than even before-so it´s big time photoblogging for me again,See ya´ll tommorrow 🙂

Canon 5D MKII|f/13|1/500sec|ISO-400|Sigma 70-300@86mm|


5 thoughts on “This Is Still A Photography Blog, But……….

  1. Well, Adrian, this is staggering news, my friend. And I suppose that the first thing I want to say to you is that, despite our never having met, I do regard you as a friend. Long have we been fellow bloggers!

    I struggle to comprehend how you must feel within yourself now; as you say, an unknown and uncertain future. But I do very much understand how photography can become a very welcoming and healthy point of focus and, if you’re going to hitting your blog big time – something I think an excellent idea – I want you to know that FATman Photos will be right up there alongside you, every step of the way. You can rely on me. I’m at if you want to chat.

    Photography, as I’ve said, is an excellent focus. But blogging is that plus talking to people too, and I think this combination invaluable to all of us. And maybe recent events will affect your images, maybe your take on things will shift – maybe is already shifting.

    As for this picture, well its natural beauty very well captured – as you may already realise, you can always get to me with natural beauty! Its the sort of thing I’d shoot at too. I love the silhouetted, rugged high ground, and the silhouette of the palm is a real strongpoint. But more than this I like the little house, barely seen, to the left of the palm – I think this house adds significantly to the interest and scale of the picture. Take care, my friend! Adrian

  2. Good wishes with your treatment Adrian…………and if you can suffer my twisted sense of humour….. this picture also has a heavenly light….do you think he is trying to tell you something……

    Keep faith… your photography..

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