I have had a photographic project in the pipeline for awhile now but as yet unrealised. It is going to be a celebration of children in either a collage or composite format. It won´t be appearing on this blog anytime soon because i reckon it may take around a year to complete and it wil be in print format rather than screen format but we´ll see.

I now have the first image as a starting point which i´d like to share here on the blog with you all. So until my next post in the coming days have a great night everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “Kidface

  1. Beautiful! I love kids, they make me smile and laugh and that has to be a good thing! They are one of the things that, to me, make life worthwhile.

    This is glorious, both in terms of her happy, excited and up for it expression, and also of all those suds, which produce an especially entrancing effect towards the bottom of the frame, where they are out of focus. Good one!

    Your project sounds good – but I urge you to get some shots out here too, where we can all share them. Adrian

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