Cami De Mortits II


As i mentioned in last nights post, Toffee, my daughter´s dog, who had come  with me for the early morning hike last Friday, went hightailing it after a rabbit, through the underbrush and disappeared from sight, i followed her general direction and came upon this “Camino”. It lead past this ruin to an enchanting cabin cum stone refuge, well cared for but unoccupied.I have long-standing respect for private property here in this part of the world and generally get permission or at least ask a local if it would be alright to photograph, so as no one was around i decided to come back some time in the future,when i know who it belonged to and make do with the ruin for now. I purposely angled the camera to catch a little of lens flare-for effect. I produced two versions in Post-Production and both colour and B+W  had some tweaking in Lightroom. Not sure which version i prefer, so i´m putting up both today.

|Canon 5D MKII|f7/1| 1/200 sec |ISO-250 |Tamron 28-75@28mm |

Ruin bw

Next post: From dormant to vibrant-see you all then 🙂

5 thoughts on “Cami De Mortits II

  1. Now this is a nice picture, Adrian, and I’m firmly in favour of the colour version – too many lovely colours in those stones, and the sunlit grass along the track is beautiful too. The mono version loses those things, which is a shame – more contrast might help it – but stick with the colour!

    I like the flare and, strangely enough, I was out photographing in our back garden at 6am this morning, and intentionally put flare into one of my shots too. We’re at last having some summer here and, as our garden faces east, the rising sun blazes down into it – wonderful light! Adrian

    • Yeah Adrian, i prefer the colour version myself on reflection and also the textures of the stone are more pronounced than in the b+w version-cheers mate.)

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