Cami De Mortits, Sagra, Provincia de Alicante, Spain

Cami De Mortits

This is from last Friday´s early morning hike along the mountain road to the picnic (merendero) area abou t 2km from my village, at this point the road becomes a dirt track which takes you to the top of the mountain about another 2km up with breathtaking views of the coast, on a good day you can see all the way up the to Valencia in the distance. I took  our dog Toffee with me, and at this point she saw a rabbit and bolted off after it into the undergrowth, so i let her go and do what she does best, which is chasing things -(never catches them though, she´s not stealthy,just noisy). My 5D MKII is so often in and out of my bag on these occasions,so  i changed the really annoying shoulder strap for a glove/hand strap some weeks ago-more practical for me.It fixes to the base of the camera and has two little swinging arms that fold out horizontally-really handy when you have´nt your Tripod-i only had my mono with me that day. Just find a flat surface and away you go. I quite liked this shot, as i don´t often get to see what i look like from behind me (if you know what i mean).I used remote to trigger the shutter. Here i´m using my Galaxy´s GPS logger app-works fine-when i´ve got a server connection! I packed away the gear and went looking for the dog and she´d found me a path to an old ruin i´d never known was there- that will be tommorrows post.I did a little bit of tweaking in LR and a rather disatrous clone-out job of over-exposed sky-it´s the tree i´m talking about- but what the hell, not really a serious bit of photography this, just a bit of fun 🙂

|Canon5D MKII|f4.5|1/125 sec |ISO-250 |Tamron 28-75 @ 33mm|flash enabled |



3 thoughts on “Cami De Mortits, Sagra, Provincia de Alicante, Spain

  1. Disastrous clones are irrelevant – I would never have spotted it if you hadn’t mentioned it – the main thing is its a good and unusual self-portrait! Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian for the kind words as always and for the kind invite to write to you personally at your email. I have some good news which i´d like to share with you Adrian and i have a few days before i have the op so i´ll write soon, Cheers mate 🙂

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