7.0 am – -Red Dawn – Sunrise Over The Serra Segarria


One of the simple pleasures of living in this part of the world, is being able to watch the sunrise-a time of quiet reflection-a time to formulate some  ideas for future photographic projects – or simply to see what´s occuring and record it for no other reason than because it´s unfolding in front of my eyes. A magic time of the day for me, it was´nt  too many moons ago i´d be rushing around  at this time of the morning with a  dozen things to do , most of which was undoable  in the time slot i had, my stress levels climbing ever higher and then i´d end up missing the whole spectacular event in anycase!

Nothing particularily special about this image though, no nice clouds floating across the Sun like you get in the non – Summer months of the year.There are no clouds in the Med in the summer-except when the heat storms come –  just unrelenting heat-definately time to be awake in the early morning  –  early evening/night time. Virtually no PP with this image, save some minor light level adjustments in LR, pretty much out of the can. I purposely left the telephone/Tv booster tower just in shot, way down on the right just to break up the uniformity a bit.

|Canon 5D MKII|f/32|1/1600 sec|ISO-250|Sigma 70-300@300mm|handheld|


2 thoughts on “7.0 am – -Red Dawn – Sunrise Over The Serra Segarria

  1. Ouch, that’s nice! Really striking. And having the sun dead centre, and leaving that mast in, work really well. I tried putting my finger over the mast and the picture really loses something – and I also like the little rough bits on the horizon directly below the sun – they add something too. Adrian

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