Home Port-Denia Harbour, Provincia De Alicante,Spain

Home Port

We took a lovely late evening stroll in the port at Denia yesterday- a nice little treat before my surgery on Monday.

The Club Nautico de Denia is one of my favorite spots on the coast here-always vibrant and full of life, really top notch eateries and bars and – beautiful sunsets.

Some knowledge of Russian (of which i have none, other than “Da”) is bonus  as they are everywhere. I always like to watch the sailors coming home to port at night and this little group seemed to have a definate order of play. Due to a very strong sea wind all the sails were down and i guess whichever had the biggest motor got to get in lead position.

I added nothing more than a little Vibrancy in Lightroom and left it at that.

Canon 5D MKII|f/2.8|1/200 sec| ISO-640|Tamron 28-75@75mm|

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