Summer…….but not yet full on tourists!

Beach  (9)

A very chillaxed evening we had two nights ago-this was taken from the beach bar overlooking the dunes to the beach. This beach  is really reserved for kite-surfers,windsurfers,boarders and the like. But it’s understood that the more down to earth locals come here.  No ‘’Too much money for their own good,up from Madrid’’ types settle on this beach!  🙂 You can bring your dogs along too !  A very relaxed and laid back and friendly  atmosphere-just what the doctor ordered!

We ordered up some  ‘’Sepia’’ (Squid) in sauce, ,Pan and a couple of beers. The Spanish have the funniest logic at times ( I put it down to the summer heat) In the bar are ’’No Smoking’’ signs everywhere- but all the smokers were smoking  inside –all the non-smokers, us included ( I gave it up some time ago, which did’nt stop me getting a tumor on my lung- very soon to be removed, but that’s another story! ) were sat outside, it brought a wry smile to my face 🙂 A generally feel good factor had by all kind of night :).

|Canon 5D MKII|f/8|1/000 sec|Sigma 70-300 mm|

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