EL Kiosko…….1918


Alicante (4)

On a whim, last night, we decided to go down to Alicante, about 100km south of our village, well not exactly a whim, Silvia buys a lot of her products for her gift shop down here, so we thought we´d combine the two- a family night out (Mama,Papa,Daughter and dog), and some business.

Alicante is one of those small cities that lives by it´s own rhythm and pace-very much a southern vibe down here, no rushing around, lots of cool bars and restaurants on the “Paseo”, night markets, impromptu jazz quartets setting up all over the port area-all tolerated by the rather laid back town council – no problem here, if it´s culture or art it´s def OK- rudeness , negativity and intolerance-not tolerated  🙂 ! Of course being 3-5 degrees warmer than Marina Alta, the mentality here is different- a breath of fresh air amongst the hammer hard heat of the day, people are generally polite and only too willing to interact with a smile! Of course not everyone is like that- but hey, why waste time on those that are´nt 🙂

I love this beautifully preserved Kiosk going back to 1918, wonderfully preserved and lovingly restored,it has always been here as far as I can remember-when I first came here 20 or more years ago it was here, in those days though, the kiosk sold newspapers, magazines and books and such like, of course not much of that kind of business anymore-since the birth of the internet, so they´ve had to adapt to changing times-not done bad at all! I noticed that Alicante is one of the cities i´ve been in that has an abundance of well preserved city parks- not on the scale of London or the like but just enough space for folks to come and read a book (or kindle) without feeling crowded out. Yeah, a very laid back city-nice 🙂 Of course it has had it´s dark side in the past- i´ll say no more than that, as i´ve come to realise recently past  is done and dusted 🙂 !

| 5D MKII,|f/2.8|1/640 sec. |ISO-400|Tamron 28-75 @ 28mm|




2 thoughts on “EL Kiosko…….1918

  1. Oh I very much like the laid back side, Adrian, I could definitely handle that; and the impromptu jazz sounds just the thing. Yes, the past is done and dusted. If its not so good, nothing can change it, and there’s no point agonising over it. I hope your health is continuing to improve, my friend. Adrian

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