Photographic Inspiration……..Closer To Home With The 50D


Well, sometimes in life we just have to accept our temporary fate and make the best of it. At the moment I just can´t get out and about with the camera – i´m up 6:00am every morning,  the only time to do chores etc. Before the unyielding heat of the day – so i´m having to look a little closer  to home for photographic  inspiration…… but it is there, just got to look for it. 🙂

Silvii and Sophie had be tidying up the outside (street side) of the house ready for the “Fiestas” coming up very soon. The whole street has been feverishly painting facades and making the plants and plant boxes all spic and span. So with a couple of strategically placed petals next to the candlestick….. bingo, something half-way pleasing on the eye…at least for me that is 🙂

This one maybe a candidate for a new  gift card that I sell in my wife´s gift shop….think i´ll give it a go and see what happens. This was taken with my trusty old 50D and Canon EF-S 60mm Macro.

|Canon 50D|f/2.8| 1/20 sec |ISO-400| Canon EF-S 60mm Macro|


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