Continuing A Theme…..Interiors with a Canon 50D


Leading on from my last post,  it seems there are things all around if you look hard enough for them. I´ve never noticed this view of my hallway from our dining table before – but it must have always been here at this time of the day ,as this hallway has been this way for several years now and the summers – well there always here at this time of the year!

It seems so obvious to me now and I really should know better than leave a 50mm or 60mm lens out of my bag for so much time-i´m usually going for Landscapes so never think it´s going to be worth it to lug it up a mountain, because I probably won´t use it. But i´m really enjoying keeping it down to one lens and work around that. If i´m with my 50D, the 60mm does the trick, if i´m with my  5D MKII then the Tamron 28-75mm and my Canon  50mm  f 1.8 will suffice , it´s the plastic version, so weighs nothing, absolutely shitty build, a bit like a plastic toy, I  dropped it on the floor once  – it all came apart, snapped it together like Lego and it works – amazingly (manual focus only)!

The other reason for keeping my lenses to a minimum is actually for very practical physical reasons, please don´t get me wrong dear reader, i´m not looking for sympathy  or pity, but i´m about to go in for surgery to have about  1/3 of my right lung (including tumor) removed. So there´ll be at least six weeks recovery time when I can´t lug a lot of camera equipment around with me like I used to-not least in the short  term anyway (I plan to be as strong as an Ox eventually)   🙂  Admittedly I can get to those Landscapes mostly with the car but sometimes you just have to use the trail – I just hope I don´t have to buy a new  Carbon Fibre Manfrotto !!!!   😦

So it´ll be good practice for me to get my choice of lens right the first time and what the heck I can always return another day if I don´t get it right the first time. So it´s a smaller pack and just basic camera essentials for me for awhile – a remote trigger, an off-camera flash, a filter or two and look for a nice flat surface to put the camera on – instead of the Manfrotto and oh yes, a little more steady hand  and  People/Urban, photography for a while, if I can do that without pissing too many people off that is, some folks just scowl  at you when you photograph them – never take oneself too seriously is my motto!!! 🙂

|Canon 50D|f/8|1/30 sec|ISO-400|Canon 60mm Macro|



One thought on “Continuing A Theme…..Interiors with a Canon 50D

  1. Beautiful study, my friend – and all good luck for the forthcoming operation. But your lighter photo pack is still far more than mine – I often just take a camera body and lens – usually my beloved 70mm-300mm – along with the philosophy that, if I miss a shot through not having more lenses with me, well that’s life – not the end of the world! 🙂 Adrian

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