Skyline….Or why i love my Sigma DG 4-5.6 70-300 mm

Col De Rates_2013

Well , after 6 weeks of recuperation (but not quite rejuvenation) I think i´m well on the way to being back to my old self – a  6 km walk in the mountains today… took it really slow and no problems  from my recent Lung operation- i´d almost  forgotten how much I need to be here amongst the stark beauty and solitude of the mountains around my village.

Yesterday  we went to the Col De Rates about 10km from here, and we went to a restaurant way up in the mountains, it serves authentic  Spanish,German and Austrian food – so I had Wild Boar Gulasch – a firm favorite of mine ( apologies to those that may be Vegetarians-it really is a rare treat for me) :). While up there I thought i´d try out my Sigma (i´m carrying just one lens these days- it forces me to think about what i´m doing, rather than going thru several lens changes until I get the best result).

I love this lens, as a portrait lens ( I have found it invaluable for weddings) and as close-up lens it is great for nature, vis-à-vis floral, wildlife, macro-ish capture.( Minimum focal length is 1.5 m, so you don´t scare the little critters off) and with price of 100 pounds Sterling a ( few years ago) it´s all good in my opinion. Sigma seem to be really innovative for lens technology – these days, so I guess i´ll be upgrading to a newer version soon, lens manufacturers take note !!! is Image Stabilization really essential? Why not use a Monopod or Tripod?….sorted  🙂 This is shot of my daughter – one thing though if you´re going to use re-chargeable batteries in you´re flash unit, make sure they´re not 5 years old – 9 year olds tend to get bored of waiting  if they´ve got to wait for more than 5 minutes until the flash is ready- had to abort that operation as Sophie was getting hungry – OK, then just a quick shot- no flash then we´re off to the restaurant ,OK, Sophie! 🙂 :).

|EOS 5D MKII|f/7.1|1/2000 sec|ISO-250|133 mm |Handheld|No Flash|

Sagra_ 2013

|EOS 5D MKII|f/2.8|1/2500 sec|75 mm|Handheld|no Flash|


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