A Desert Flower……Up Close And Personal

Cactus Flower

I reckon you can never have too much practice if you want to get better at something….so at the risk of becoming a little bit boring for some, here’s a new macro – it’s a flower from a little cactus we’ve had for years.

I only really get one go at this one, because it flowers for one day and then disappears ´til next year, not exactly the best crop i’ve ever done, but what the hell i’m posting it anyway!

This again was taken with my trusty old backup, My Canon 50D and Canon EF-S, 2.8 60mm Macro.

For those Canon non FF users  (eg: 60D,7D Etc.) it´s worth, in my opinion to have this lens.

Very versatile-costs around the same as a 50mm EF 1.4 (not to be confused with the crappy plastic build EF 1.8)! I often use it while doing head shots (can´t get too close in with headshots with this one though-or you better get yourself a copy of Portrait Professional-because you´ll be there for two weeks with the healing brush tool)! 🙂 But used as you would the 50m- you´ll see some great results-what you´d expect from  fixed lens of course!

Canon 50D|f/3.2|1/5000 sec|ISO-100|EF-S 60mm Macro|subject distance: 2.6 cm|Tri mounted|


2 thoughts on “A Desert Flower……Up Close And Personal

  1. Adrian, this is beautiful. And no, I don’t think one can get too much practice—in fact, I’m beginning to think that’s what life is all about.


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