Weekly Photo Challenge : Eerie

Mojacar copy

When i saw the photo challenge for today i just could´nt resist it, i´ve been hoping to get this photostory off  my chest for a year or so now. I never told anyone about this for fear that everyone might think me being overly theatrical! But this is true!

We came down to this Cala in Almeria about a year ago, we met some friends down there you know the type of thing-campers on the beach,live free or die type of holiday. Several camper trucks and us in a little igloo tent on the beach. At about midnight everyone was asleep after a real good Barbie and singing around the campfire, i thought no-one around so good opportunity for a long exposure shot. So tripod up 5D mounted and ready to go. I had a remote trigger which after 5 seconds just keeps the shutter open until you press it again to close it. OK so far so good ,just check my phone-(no coverage here) look up when the weirdest looking guy i´ve ever seen walks right in front of camera, does´nt say nothing just passes by, no acknowledgement, does´nt even look in my direction,no “good evening” or “good night” or even the usual thing people do, which is stopping in front of camera and asking “oh are you taking photographs?” Of course being a long exposure people walking in front of camera is´nt a problem but i thought that was a bit weird and downright rude of him not to reciprocate my greetings,but hey some people are like that,i looked down for a minute to turn off the remote , when i looked up, he´d disappeared, he was either a night swimmer or a spook.I looked for him out to sea but  could,nt see anyone out there so i decided to pack up my gear go back to the tent and think about it all the nekt day. I´ve seen plenty spooky and ghostly things around old abandoned buildings with lots of history and the like, can´t say i´ve ever been frightened of the supernatural but i can´t say  i´ve ever seen anything spooky on a beach before J


|Canon EOS 5D MKII|f/22|109 sec|ISO-125|Hoya ND4|Tamron 28-75@28mm.|

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