I´m waiting for my new computer to come some time next week, so in the meantime i´m making room for a bigger monitor etc.   i´m enjoying some moving stuff around and  looking at 4 year-old photos and reworking them because now i know how to use the software!!! The new comp is geared to Media/Photography-so easy supports,PS,Lightroom,NIK,Topaz,etc  and with a TB Disc space i can keep my catalogue on board- and in the cloud!!.

Love that googl+  “my drive” though-have´nt tried skydrive yet and in anycase with Dropbox and  google drive don´t actually need  more cloudspace.This is detail of  the glass front the Oceanagraphic Institute, in Valencia,Spain.

As i recall i took it on a day out to Valencia with the family-about 2010 and i had an old Canon 400D at the time. Nice to be able to go back in time-at least visually and make things look better-does´nt  actually accurately work with memories though-they tend to be more radical than they were at the time :).

Oh, happy day-last session of chemotherapy today (If all passes good the next couple of weeks) I hope. Everybody have a great weekend and don´t forget:  We none of us know how long we got here, so make every single day count-it´s the key to lifelong happiness  ;))

This was a rework using PS Elements,LR4,Silver Efex Pro,

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