Hi,my name is Adrian Harvey i am photographer living in the provence of Alicante in south eastern Spain.

My Cameras i use are Canon EOS 5D MKII and Canon EOS 50D.
My Lenses: Canon EF-S 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 Zoom, Canon EF-S 60mm 2.8 USM Macro, Canon EF 50mm 1.8 Prime, Sigma DG 70-300mm 1.4-5.6 Zoom, Tamron SP 10-24mm 3.5-4.5 Ultra-wide, Tamron 28-75mm
The software i use are: Canon Digital Photo Professional, Photoshop,Photomatix, NIK Software and Topaz Labs.

Prints,Posters and postcards available from

Buy art

My website: http://adrianharvey.crevado.com

  My Twitter page:   Follow axalofotografia on Twitter 

Join my circle at +google click here

All photos under Copyright, no unauthorized reproduction.

Contact email:  adrianharveyphotography@hotmail.com

17 thoughts on “About

    • Yes Monica,i have added my sales page (Prints) to the top menu.
      Image file only (no print, 4000px wide) is: €35.00.
      Small size 1024px (screensaver size) is: €5.00
      Payment by Paypal, info: adrianharveyphotography@hotmail.com
      Thank You Barbra and Monica and everybody for your kind comments.

  1. Lovely photos! Just would like to inform you that I am nominating you for a *sunshine award* Kindly check out my blogpost for more details.

    • I´m flattered Amritasurya but i don´t do the blogger award thing i´m afraid,just don´t have the time! it´s better to award it to someone who is more able to spend time on it, but thanks anyway much appreciated!

  2. Dear Adrian Harvey,

    I am a gallery assistant at Agora Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in New York. Can I send you some information about our
    gallery and promotional services that you might be interested in?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,

    Sabrina A. Gilbertson
    Assistant Director / Agora Gallery
    Phone: 212.226.4151 Ext. 201
    Fax: 212.966.4380

  3. Hi Adrian, Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw. Looking forward to seeing more from you, I spent many a summer just up the road from you in Torrevieja, Beautiful area 🙂

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